My Son Had Leukemia

Hi, Ellen my name is Vanessa and we live in Austin Tx. My son and daughter wanted me to wright you to see if one day we could be on your show, we have seen how you have helped other familys, my kids know how much me and ther e father has struggled with money for sometime, we don't have good credit do to medical bills, we have a family of 7, we have been through a lot me and my family, my son was diagnost with Acute Lymphoid Leukemia at the age of 2 years are heart dropped when we got the news, from that day January 28th 2004, me and my son was flown to Texas Childrens Hospital in Houston Tx. Because we almost lost are son , he had 97% cancer in his blood, they did a Farris'es to clean out the blood, then started cemo-therapy on him, it was a long fight, we lived in and out of the hospitals and Ronald Mc Donald house, my son had 2 ports in his chest to put meds and blood through, he has been poked so many times we have lost count, I could go on and on, he went in remission for about 6 months, he then relapsed in August 2007 , he had to start cemo- therapy and have full body radiation and a bone marrow transplant, so we all gave blood to see if there was a match , my 4 year old daughter was a 100% match , so we had to put another child of are's down, so she could save her brothers life, she new what she w. doing for her brother, they are so close, that everyone we meet think they are twins , so my son went in remission again and has been doing well, with a few side affects that we are dealing with , he still has yearly Dr. appointments , but this January the 18th 2013 , will be his 5 year remission of being cancer free, his father also had open heart surgery, in December 2011, we could of lost him , but are faith and prayers have been real strong, I wish I could of Married my kids father, have college funds for my kids, take my family on a nice trip, and write a book of are life and publish it, we don't have the funds to do these things, We would love one of these wishes to come true, and to be able to meet you Ellen would be a great honor to my kids and family. P.S. we love your show.
vanessaalva vanessaalva
36-40, F
Jan 16, 2013