Dear Ellen,my name is Beverly Whiteside,I am a singer,I love to sing and I was just wondering if I wrote a letter to you , you would give me a chance to pursue my dream,so I seen a lady in philly and she told me to go on Line and write to you and who knows you may see my letter and give me a chance and that you have a lot of people on your show thats how they got started,,I been singing a long time and I do write songs and poetry,I sing at a lot of churches and other events,Im a mom of 13 children,,im a grand mom,im a wife,But I feel blessed that I can still sing and have the strength to try to pursue my dream,I love your show when I find the time to watch,you are so funny you can dance to.I have struggled a long time fianically and I dont have the means to go into the studio and I pray that you would just give me the chance to come on your show and sing to let the world know what Gift God has Blessed me with.

Thank You
Beverly Whiteside
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Jan 17, 2013