I Have A Voice. I Want To Be Heard. I Can Write. I Want To Tell The World.

My name is Caroline Fettes. I am ten years old and I love to sing, read, and write. My longest book is completed and 130 pages long but not yet published and the one I'm working on is hovering around the 45 mark.
I adopted my little brother, Luis. We lived in Guatemala, the country South of Mexico, and I wrote my entry on the annual Reflections Art Contest on it. I fact, I've included it in this page! Below is my written passion for orphans who are at miserable, unclean orphanages.

The Magic of a Moment Reflections Art Contest entry by Caroline Fettes
A Non-Fiction Literature Project
The day my little brother came home, the way his sparkling brown eyes betrayed his delight as he gazed around in awestruck wonder, with our Dalmatian barking quite loudly and joyously at our return…this is truly a moment I shall never forget as long as I live.
We searched the Internet for a few moments, looking for a young boy or girl to adopt, because God had laid it on our hearts…with a teensy bit of help from Chris, my older brother, and I. We were ages 5 and 7.
And that’s when we found Luis.
He had been orphaned at only one year old, his family too poor to afford him. So they sorrowfully dropped him off at Casa Alleluia, an overcrowded Guatemalan orphanage.
His skin was like polished mahogany wood, his hair a raven black buzz-cut. His eyes were like deep beige pools of light. This, indeed, was the child for us.
So we waited. We waited and waited and waited until, finally, after 2½ wide-stretched years, the call we anticipated for so very long came. That night, the enlarging Fettes family threw a party bash fit for a king with all of our amigos and left the next morning for Guatemala-the country, the beautiful country, south of Mexico.
For seven days we stayed at a fancy hotel called the Westin Camino Real while my parents did custody paperwork. Meanwhile, my brothers and I played fun games, such as Hide-N-Seek, pillow fights, and daring each other to see who would jump into the freezing cold pool out back, also known to us as Daring Jump. Pretty lame, but we were only 5, 7, and 9.
After the administration was completed, we retired to the city of Antigua, a town with such simple beauty it stands exalted. The Santa Rosa Apartments, were where my family stayed for six long months, were located in a minor section of the village’s majesty. We occasionally strolled to the Market, and much more often La Bodegona, which is pretty much a more vicious version of Kroger and Petsmart combined. There were countless pets there, birds and betas and bunnies and cats and dogs and turtles and every other pet in the whole wide world. You name it, you’ll find it. Plus a Kroger-like inside, a large grocery store filled with aisles spilling over with numerous items.
While we lived there, down south in the hot, every day when we woke up was a new beginning. Seeing the volcanoes, Agua, majestic and extinct, and Fuego, forever pouring out huge noxious plumes of charcoal black smoke was amazing. Simply amazing. We also climbed up Pacaya, endlessly erupting overlooking the busy Guatemalan capital, Guatemala City.
Looking back, my oversized vacation was more than merely an adoption process, it was a journey forever seared into my memory. And that is the way I like it.
Now, Luis is a happy and loved 8-year-old living in a three story home with Summer, the cat, Tucker, the dog, Chris and I, and Mom and Dad. Luis also enjoys playing soccer, tag, and exploring the woods beyond the backyard. This is the way it has been for three cherished years-years that I hope will continue between us always.

Ok. How bout putting me on your show? Oh, and I loooove cats and cat week on the show. Oh, one more thing. The entry? Might make it to Nationals. Pick me. You know you want to.
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Jan 18, 2013