I Love Ellen

Hi, my name is Hailey and all I want is to meet Ellen. I have been struggling with self-harm and depression for the past two years. It's been hard, but somehow I managed to get through it. While I was going through this rough patch there were few things that made me happy or truly smile. Watching Ellen was one of the few things. She's my role model, she's an amazing person. Even on my worst days, Ellen never failed to make me feel better. Whether it was watching the new episode of her show, or just watching a few clips on YouTube, it made me happy and it sounds weird but it gave me this hope. I just love watching what she does, I love how she is always so generous and has a huge heart. She isn't this fake person that she changes into for her show. How she acts on her show is how she really is. I don't know, I guess it would just be amazing to meet her and share with her my story and how much I love and look up to her.
haileyrailey haileyrailey
18-21, F
Jan 22, 2013