Royal Children Hospital With Healing Laughter!

My son Shaun was hit by a car in 2010 on his way home from school. After our family break up we became closer and then this happened to us shortly afterwards. I arrived to see him in such a bad way that it still haunts me now. It was touch and go. After arriving at the Melbourne Royal Children hospital things got worse. Shaun had head injuries but his body was miraculously saved. After surgery to the head Shaun was making very slow progress, but what seriously helped was his humour and mine. We both like to dance and groove.It was your show that kept us focused everyday for 9 months and still now, to remain positive. Laughter is the best medicine and we got this from your show. Ellen show helped us see through this and many more things and still does. Shaun still has 3 ops to do and goes in on the 4th of feb. If i could surprise him with a ticket to your show to see you in person and hug your laughter out of you, will heal his spirit forever. Your amazing Ellen and we thank you for your healing laughter on the show. Devoted aussie fans
Jo and Shaun. :)
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Jan 23, 2013