Hi, my names Larissa and im 17 years old and i live in bismarck ND. Ive gone through stuff that no normal teenager would image going through. From being picked on, to being called hidious names and from getting threatning text messages saying that someone wants me dead. I was literally being prisoned in my house for about a month because someone was after to kill me, i couldnt go hang out with friends, i couldnt go to work or school. My friends were scared to even be seen with me because they were afraid something would happen to them, so i lost quit a few friends.
I went from such a happy teenager to a teenager who is depressed and scared for her life. The law is starting to get more strict towards bullying and harassment but kids are still scared. I want to make a change in the world to not just stop bullying but to help make people feel safer.
Larissa223 Larissa223
Jan 23, 2013