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As my 13 yr old daughter sits and laughs at me, she cannot believe I'm writing to Ellen, me neither but what else do I have to lose. It has been one heck of a yr. and who else to turn to other than GOD, The most highest, Ellen, whom I admire you and your show so much. I'm a single mother of three beautiful young girls. We come from the coal regions where beer is brewed best, Yuengling. I started getting on Face Book many years ago, not by choice but only to play that simple game, Yoville. Earning my coins by working in the bakery and the factory, i was then able to buy and furnish my houses and along the way made many friends. But this one person stuck out, as she would join me on line almost every evening, we had developed a friendship that I never actually thought would exceed. As she had been battling her own bout with cancer, i had never known because she had never spoken a word but only listened over time as i spoke of my own Mothers battles. We don't communicate as so because I'm sure our lives are both complicating and busy but I do see her responding quite often to my posts on Face Book. I have never met her but would just love to reach out to her and let her know how much I truly appreciate her. Her unselfishness to maintain a friendship and continue to give her love and support to a family she has never met, speaks a lot. I consider myself blessed as well and would absolutely love to meet her in person to express this as well. She lives in Wisconsin and I live in Pennsylvania and it would be such a blessing and an honer to actually meet this lovely woman in person and and let her know how much I truly appreciate her kind , loving, and caring soul. If not possible, quite understanding, there are others in much more need:)
Mom67890 Mom67890
Jan 29, 2013