You Have Inspired Me To Give Back Everything To My Mum As She Deserves Everything, Because Of Everything She Has Done.

Dear Ellen my name is Lucia Caminiti I am an 18 year old student living on the gold coast Australia,
I am here to tell you about my beautiful mum Suzette Caminiti and our life.
As a child I had it really rough with my dad having a mental illness
( psychotic schizophrenia ) he would bash mum in front of my brother and I he broke nearly every bone in her body, we saw him try kill her in her sleep, he would talk to himself was so scary, mum dealt with the abuse and domestic violence for 8 years because she wanted my brother and I to have a normal family with a mum and dad, because she never did, my mum has never met her dad before which really hurts her, we tried to get information out of my grandmother about my mums dad but she doesn't say a word she makes excuses.
My mum hired a Private investigator to find him, they were so close to meeting him then the meeting got cancelled and nothing happened..
She was heartbroken being let down..
When my brother nick 9 and myself 11 we got taken away from my mum and dad because of the domestic violence, it was the worst years of my life not having my mum around and having the state government lie to me about everything.
I am of aboriginal heritage I have proof & the papers to say I am,
Children services told me my mum was lying about being aboriginal,
It hurt I was so confused And lost I didn't know who I was I felt like no one I felt empty. I graduated high school in 2011 when you turn 18 in Australia you are classed as an adult
The government left me 3 days to move out into my own place I had nothing they did not help me.. I was pretty much kicked out on the street..
Everything I own I have worked my butt off and bought myself I have had no financial help or support.
My mum and I are finally back together living in a house we have been struggling lately as on Christmas night out house got robbed and all of our valuables and money taken.. Was horrible
The police didn't do anything about it.. We are just scraping through week by week.. My mum is the most beautiful women on earth she helps anyone and everyone and put herself last always.. She is trying to get my car fixed because it is damaged by the floods we have had the past weeks
My mum and I watch the Ellen show every day & cry with laughter your generosity and kindness has made me think and I'm changing everything around and saving every penny to take my mum on her first holiday & her first trip overseas to be in your audience. Every time I watch your show I am motivated to saving money to take my mum because she has struggled to keep food on the table she's gone days, months & years without.
now im giving her back everything she has given ou & what she deserves
Thank you Ellen you are truly an angel

Yours Truly
Lucia Caminiti

7/44-48 McLaren Road
Nerang 4211
Queensland, Australia

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Jan 31, 2013