Hey Ellen! My name is Becky and I live in littleton colorado! I am almost 22 years old and I still do currently live at home with my family! I have an older brother who is almost 24 years old and my mom and dad still hassle us all the time :]. I am writing to you to cause I need a miracle. First off I am working two jobs, I work in a dental office and on weekends I work in a restaurant. One... student loans are kicking my *** and Two.. I can never seem to get a break. The other thing is my mom's health isn't as good as we would like it. She has liver disease and is hoping for a new liver. We have our fingers crossed and are trying to just take it day by day. The way my family works and busted there bootys to get to where they are today they still don't take a trips anywhere or do anything for themselves. There always saving there money to help us out, or pay bills, or just be a normal human being. They deserve a trip and we all deserve to have some stress taken out of our life. I would love to have a miracle come to us and take all of our worries away. You never know when god is going to take us and I sure it its not soon and hope something in sort of a way can come to us. Please read my story and hope that your miracle can come to us.
Love Becky
beckwhy31 beckwhy31
Feb 4, 2013