Helping A Real Good Friend Out

Hi Ellen, my name is Darrell Dozier Sr. I'm writing of behalf of my friend, her name is Doretha Dawson, we call her "Doe Doe". we call her that because she is a sweet as a deer. We are victims of Katrina, and I'm writing because my friend hasn't seen or heard from her son in 7yrs. When the hurricane hit he was with his father, we were relocated to Dallas Tx. They were relocated to Tyler Tx. She got to see her son a couple months later but since then she hasn't heard nor seen him. since. We are worried about Doe Doe because she is soo worried about him that her health is at risk, she is stressing soo hard, everytime she see's a family or mother and child she gets very upset and start's to cry. Her son's name is James Dawson, and his father's name is James Edward MIller III. We have tried to find them through friends and family without sucess, we have also tried to locate them on Facebook without sucess. We are worried about her, she rarely want's to do anything anymore. e are afraid she will become too depressed to handle, I tried to help as much as I could, but it's hard because I was working in New Orleans for a while and would track down any leads I heard about her son, but last year I had to return to Dallas to care for my disabled wife, which means I had to find employment here, I've been looking for work for over a year without sucess, so I have no financial means to help her hire someone to look for her son, and without a car to get around it's hard to find a job and bring her back and forth to New Orleans to follow up on any leads we might get. I have been watching your show for awhile, and I know you have a very giving soul, every time I watch your show and see how you help people it touches me, God has a special place for you. I'm not going to drag this story on I was just hoping you would read this story and think about helping out. I know you get plenty of stories and you can't help the whole world, but just hoping you see this and think about contacting us and letting us know if you can help, Thank's for your time, so keep up the good work and may bless and keep you. Thank you.
dwaze dwaze
Feb 4, 2013