Ellen, I Believe In Mutual Benefit

Hi Ellen, and EP readers. I am here again to state my desire and intention to be on the Ellen DeGeneres show. But, I do not want something for nothing. In all of my interactions, both business and personal, my goal is always "mutual benefit". By that I mean that both sides of any interaction should benefit from working together. It is easy to see that anyone would benefit from being on Ellen's show. Quite simply the press, and wide-exposure would be great for anyone. That is obvious. Not to mention, it looks like a whole lot of fun. What may not be immediately obvious is how Ellen's show would benefit from having me on. I would like to make that case here. I am an acupuncturist and herbalist with a decade of experience and a background in both Tai Chi and Zen Meditation. I have plenty of good stories, but also lots of helpful information to share--with the desire to help others as a motivating factor. I get a huge thrill from being of service and providing people with ideas, tips and motivation to improve their health and lives and that is what I do on a daily basis in my work. In my skincare business Emily Skin Soothers I create products using the simplest and fewest ingredients for people who have sensitive and reactive skin ( http://www.emilyskinsoothers.com ). Skincare is a huge area of concern for so many people, and I have lots of useful tips to share with people on that topic too. There are so many things that people can do to help their skin naturally. To share what I have learned I put up a free informational website called myskinbetter at http://www.myskinbetter.com . Hopefully these reasons amongst many others --which I will explain in later posts --would make me a good guest for the show. If you, reader, would like to help me get there, please let Ellen's show know by making them aware of me and my goal. You can suggest topics for Ellen's show at:   http://ellen.warnerbros.com/show/respond/?PlugID=10   Thanks for reading and see you on the Ellen DeGeneres show.   Mike  


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Dec 18, 2008