The #1 Holiday Present For 2008 Is ..........

Happy Holidays to All at EP and Ellen's Show--

I'd like to float an idea to you ---before the actual holidays, in hopes that it will help to make your holidays as happy as possible.

For most people these days, the holidays are a stressful and hectic time of year. There is an emphasis on the commercialized, gift giving and it is nearly impossible to buy anything for anyone. These days most people buy what they want and need for themselves, making it hard to find anything to give as a present.

That is why I say that the #1 Holiday Present for this and any year is..........PRESENCE.

Presence is a rare and precious gift that is not so easy to give. To give it takes real effort and mindfulness and to give it shows more love and caring than any present you can buy.

NO matter who the recipient is, whether they say so or not, ALL humans beings love PRESENCE. To be present, you are fully in the moment and available to the preson in front of you. You are not in your mind, in your worries, stressors or the future or anywhere else. Your recipient may not even know what is happening, but they willl sense and appreciate your presence.

If you doubt this, do an experiment. Make a real effort to be fully present with the people you spend time with for the holidays. (It will not work if you are not sincere. Even the smallest baby knows when someone is faking it.) If you are truly present you will find people opening up to you, sharing themselves with you in a way you might be surprised by.

All human beings strongly desire to be recognized and valued. Everyone wants to know that they matter. That is why the EP is such a important community to so many people. Everyone wants their experience validated by others. When you are truly present with someone---just really with them and focusing on them and nothing else, they feel valued--even if they are not sure why or what is different.

Better than anything you can buy at a store, try to give the gift of presence to those you love for the holidays. Your and their holidays will be happy and more fulfilling for it.

In my next post I will try to suggest a few ways to work on being present. It takes effort.

If you find this or any other of my posts useful, and would like to help me out, one of my great desires is to be on the Ellen Degeneres Show and share some of these and other ideas with more people. Her show is always looking for topics and guests and you can suggest me as a guest at their website at: 

Thanks for reading, happy holidays to you and see you on the Ellen DeGeneres show.   Mike  

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2 Responses Dec 20, 2008

Thanks very much. Hope you have a very present holiday.

good job. this is a nice story!