Ellen, I Am Waiting For Your Producers to Call

I want to be on the Ellen DeGeneres show. I feel a little awkward sharing this, but I like the idea of putting this goal out there in the universe and getting it out of my head.

First, why Ellen: I don't have anything against any of the other show hosts, but I think Ellen is particularly cool. She is a funny comedian, but keeps things positive. I heard a great interview with her on National Public Radio before her last big awards show and she was very down-to-earth and very aware of trying to promote positive laughter rather than negativity. I like that.

Next, why should I be on the show? Well, I have a personal interest story that I would like to share. I think it would both entertain and inform viewers.

The basic story is: Our daughter Emily was born in March 2006. She was perfect in every way. But, we noticed that her cheeks would get raised, red bumps on them. She also would get dry red spots on her limbs. The pediatrician determined that she had baby eczema.

As a concerned dad, I knew I had to do something. As an experienced acupuncturist and herbalist, I knew I could. I knew I did not want to put anything harsh on my baby’s skin. So, I created an herbal remedy with no other intention than of helping my baby. It is a creation born of a father’s love. With Emily’s infant skin in mind I used the bare minimum of ingredients. I worked with herbal formulas that were tried and true, and hundreds of years old. I tested them on myself and my wife and simplified them. When I was sure they were safe and effective, we began to use them on our daughter. The results were astounding.

They worked so well on Emily that I began to use them on my patients and colleagues. We got amazing feedback. A number of people reported being able to get off of long-term meds using our simple, natural product. So, I incorporated and launched the company, Emily Skin Soothers, Inc and set up our webstore: www.emilyskinsoothers.com . Within a few months we already are in 35 stores in 5 states and it is spreading wider every week.

It has been an incredible experience for me. I still work full-time as an acupuncturist. I am building this business on the side and learning so much as I do.

I cannot tell you how scary it is to realize how many chemicals we are exposed to through body care products every day. I only have become aware of this because of my daughter. Even a simple bar of soap, if you read the ingredients, is full of undecipherable chemicals.

I can also not begin to describe how incredibly rewarding it is to see before and after pictures of a baby that has used our products and hear back from their parents how much we have helped. No matter how many times that happens, it brings such a smile to my face.

 So, I want to tell the world. Of course, I want people to know about our business, but I also want to share the information I've learned. I want to tell it on the Ellen Degeneres show.

Anybody know somebody who knows somebody? Have a foot in the door?

How about the staff here at Experience Project? Want to drop a note to Ellen's producers and get some exposure too?

Somebody? Anybody? Ellen, are you listening?


Mike, Founder and Dad

Emily Skin Soothers



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3 Responses Aug 8, 2007

Well I don't think she's gonna get the message on here. It's not like she uses Ep lol.

Thanks for the kind words. Having added a dear child to our life a little over a year ago, I am still frequently amazed at the welling up of amazingly strong love that a child inspires. It is such a cliche, but I never could have imagined how strong a feeling before our daughter was born. BTW, the 'model' is the real, actual muse.

I have never seen the Ellen De Generes Show, but kudos for a great story - not only a very interesting narrative, but also well-written too. <br />
<br />
It is quite interesting how much in life comes from following love - in this case the creation of a very successful (and beneficial) business, but it all stemming from the love of your daughter.<br />
<br />
Nice site, by the way. And the products themselves look great. Interesting, your very cute model seems to be holding a flower not unlike the one in the EP gift shop! Ha! Serendipity...