Come On People!! Don't You Want to Be On Ellen's Show???

I know there has to be someone else out there who has some type of career goals that include being on the Ellen DeGeneres show. Anyone?

Do you think I am nuts? Comments? Ratings? Anything? Am I having a conversation with my self? Check in people.

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4 Responses Aug 10, 2007

I am a 16 year old author who wants more than anything to be on Ellen. Here is my page. It is my biggest dream!

I love love love this show, always have. I do not get to watch it because it comes on in the morning and I am at work. But when I am on vacation or have a holiday off, I watch it!!! Love this show! Hopefully one day I can go on and dance with her! LOL Love it!

The idea of having a chat show appearance as one of my life goals has never, ever occurred to me! And, after consideration, it seems unlikely to be making the list ;)<br />
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Also, the EP is pretty large. People are much more likely to read your stories if you are out there commenting on theirs. Otherwise you are relying on people spotting one of your stories out of the many thousands. But people are always interested in other people, and the best way of announcing prompting that is by appearing where other people look...