Sixpacks, Skincare and Myskinbetter

If you look at the cover of any fashion or health magazine, what are the two things that seem to concern people most about their appearance? Six packs (abs/weight loss) and skin care.  I do not have anything to offer today about abs, but I have alot to offer about skincare. There are so many simple self-care tips that can improve almost anyone's skin.

I am an acupuncturist and herbalist --and by necessity, needed to learn alot about skincare. My daughter was born with eczema and I did not want to put anything harsh on her skin.

I created skin care products to help her, but also learned all I could to help take care of her naturally. There are so many simple things that you can do naturally to help your skin, that most people are unaware of. MDS often do not bother to tell people about these tips because they feel most people are non-compliant.

In talking to my patients and people using our skin care products I was surprised to learn that most people with serious skin issues were never told some of the most basic self care tips (about washing, soaps, skincare products...)

To remedy that, I put up a free-informational website full of everything I learned about skincare. It is called myskinbetter ( on the site I share info on washing, products, diet, mindset, environment and more.

I'd love to go on the Ellen show and share our story, but also this helpful info that the viewers and audience would benefit from. If you find the site useful and would like to help me, please suggest it as a good topic for the show to Ellen's producers at:


Thanks a bunch--

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Mike Arsenault 


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Mar 9, 2009