Holy ****!!! I Was On the News This Week!!!

Last week on Thursday we had a local newspaper write a great story about our company, Emily Skin Soothers. It was really well written and the response was dramatic. We saw online sales and inquiries jump up and the stores mentioned in the articles sold out of our products multiple times in days. Very exciting stuff.

AND THEN......this Monday I was in my acup office, busy day, treating patients. I check the new phone messages and I get a call from the local NBC affiliate's medical reporter. She asked if she could come out and interview me same day. Of course I said yes. I got the call at 9 something and they came out to interview me at lunch.

You can see the interview at the link:


I think they did an incredible job. I guess the local audience does too, because almost all the local stores have sold out. The online orders are overwhelming. Oh my god. It is so exciting and incredible.

One step closer to Ellen's show. Keep your fingers crossed for me my friends at EP.

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3 Responses Aug 30, 2007

Good luck to you!

OMG! So wonderful! My fingers are crossed!

It has been a week since the coverage on TV. Now, I am tired. I spent much of the long weekend trying to catch up with orders. The hits to the website more than quadrupled. The online orders are through the roof. The stores listed on the website have sold out. Then today some other newspaper I had no idea about ran a previous article and a wave of new orders.<br />
It is clear to me that there is a great need for this type of product and an interest in our story. So, Ellen DeGeneres show, I am still waiting for your call.......