Remember Beauty Is Not About Speak No Evil See No Evil And Hear No Evil

Beauty is about having courage and strength against the enemy and beauty is about your inner core and NOT LETTING people hurt you!

beauty is about standing strong and being a loving but strict master ...

beauty is finding out what you do best and making the best of it

beauty is feeling good inside and out and showing the world you can smile after suffering and deep pain

beauty is trusting in gods eternal love and knowing yourself

beauty is taking time out for "ME TIME" and expressing yourself truthfully

beauty is in knowing gods word and doing as god has asked us to do

beauty is reaching out to those in need and suffering

real beauty does not walk away from pain but faces it head on

real beauty askes more of yourself than anyone else

beauty can't be taken from you when you search inside for all you need

beauty does not give up when things get tough

and true beauty leaves a lasting impression on those around them

that makes life more rejoicing in gods laws and in understanding to others in genuine need...

beauty does not lie or contrive and destroy the minds and hearts of others for advantage and control and deceit

everlasting beauty is what everyone longs for but only few find...
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as one ethics professor said "MORALITY IS NOT A SWEETY OR A CUTEY" .... SO lets get back to beauty... if you are so inspired read Schillers Aesthetic Education of Man and his letters of Beauty... powerful....