I Second This: Who Is Really Looking Out For You?

I picked up a book for .25 cents today by O'Reilly
He gave examples of corruption and how he wanted you to see
That its been going on for years and there's cover ups galore
Greed. Not wanting to shake the boat. Looking away from the gore.
From past presidents to government higher-ups
They are the giants, we are their pups
The reason why corruption isn't being beat on the ground
Is as simple as this: It's not politically sound
Thats right. Corruption occurs because it has its benefits
Its political suicide if they stand up and put on their mitts
O'Reilly says the government is not FOR you
It may give you a little handout, but you are still bound to get screwed
Because the social programs are not meant to help you
They're the ones getting the kickbacks, you're just left to stew
O'Reilly attacks the legal system too
He says you'd stay away completely if you knew
Whether you win or lose, you will be destroyed piece by piece
You are the meat in which they will feast
O'Reilly says the higher ups watch out for each other
Treating themselves like loyal sisters and brothers
If one of them is under fire
They will cover it up rather than insist on his/her retire
Things have been pushed under the bridge so as not to see and not to deal
Because if it affects them negatively, it can't be real
They are out for their own agenda and we're not on it
They sweep corruptoin under the tables, and then just split
You see, the fight they're fighting isn't about us
If it were up to them, they'd leave us in the dust
But they also want our money to use
That's when taxes set in, and its us who lose
Corruption has been happening since the beginning of time, there is no doubt
And there's no denying what its all about and who's selling out
If you're not worth with a silver spoon or have the right connections
They will always get ahead and we will just be shunned
O'Reilly says to understand this and you'll know the reason why
Corruption is here to stay because it's not about honor, but the lies that fly
Corruption is at the heart of the matter
And the consequence is that good things and people go splatter
Corruption. It's too politically r isky to take
But alot more remains at great stake
Corruption. Sometimes it's better to turn away
And pretend that everything is A-okay
Corruption. It feeds the ego and the paycheck
But the consequence is it leaves the world a bloody wreck

Corruption. Influence. Power. Money. Greed. One hand washing the other. Looking out for their own. Leading the high life. Allowing kids to fall through the cracks of the foster care system. Churches covering up sexual abuse and misconduct. Organizations allowed to continue their corrupt practices. Dangerous people on the street ignored because of potential claims of ethic or racial profiling and ensuring wars.

If your friend and friends are not FOR you, then you truly are screwed. Because the social systems in this country are flawed and not designed to get you ahead. If you're in the system, be careful because it can and will eat you alive. If you are hurting and can barely survive, who REALLY is on your side

Someone higher up who knows of this corruption and is ready to go from the devil's side into the light, possibly saving yourself from a damned eternity, today do the right thing. You are sinning against God's will and have affected millions of people and things in this world, negatively. You have participated in an evilness that has threatened and continues to threaten this world's livelihood. But in your own defense, speaking up or against a huge empire of corruption, you may be silenced or cast aside by the big people. The alternative though is to remain in the darkness for all eternity, never once giving this world COURAGE, KINDNESS and all things BRIGHT and worth the price of living. You have shamelessly taken from average citizens for your won gain.

We know who has your back, but we want to know who has OUR'S.

Make no mistake about it: The corruption that you allow to happen is leading to this country's
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8 Responses Jan 19, 2013

I will look out for me... I have a network of my own who will look out for me.

Yes so true but most love the little hand out they get and will do nothing to rock the boat they will be the ones hurt the most in the end I feel:-(

yes the truth is always in the open at some point:-)

Very talented, thank you.

An EP friend wurzelnator suggested I read your comments and gratefully appreciate his copying your link to me.

Very grateful to You and him for connecting. What got You started finding out, about so much corruptions infiltrated our government leaders ?

When no one says anything bad men rule !

Was this Bill OReilly ?

Hope to chat more later !

I like this I got a friend I'd like you to speak to you seem pretty intelligent in the government and there corruption

YES! You know what your saying not just talking from the *** I'll send you an inbox later tomorrow when they are on if you don't get one inbox me and remind me to I really think you 2 should talk

Sounds like I need to move.

Corruption is so endemic and really a cause of any nation's downfall. Thanks for sharing such an important piece.

O'Reilly ? so he sold a book and took your money... you just paid .25 cents? did the book have advertisements? or were they clearing stock ?

Anyway, were there any pages he suggests how corruption can be resolved? Cause corruption is an international problem.. or he just earns by describing problems?

I get it. Just the irony that many pin point or describe the problems and build their forte to get to the higher up, but never do anything to resolve, and it only gets worse to the future. Other than he narrating and people reading it, nothing actually changes.

Anyway, do mention the title of the book & the ISBN. or any link to the book on web, that you may be able to locate.