I Want to Be Owned...and More

I want to be owned, and in a lot of ways I am.

He tells me when we will see eachother and where. He asks if I have desires that I would like to explore, but I generally leave it up to him. He plans our sessions. He decides how I will be punished, and rewarded, if I am rewarded at all. He asks questions knowing how I will respond, I respond how I think he wants me too...and sometimes he calls me on it and makes me really think about it and answer as I feel.

But, I want more. I want to be able to have him join me on the spur of the moment, to go to a friends, to just sit at home. I guess I want it all...the security of a "significant other" and the excitement of being owned. Is it possible to get both from one person? Can I see him as Owner at times and buddy at others? I am not sure I could ever see him in that respect. He is not vanilla in my eyes...I mean, I know he has a "real" job, and does things that "normal" people do, but I just see and hear him as Sir...always capital. :-)

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4 Responses Mar 24, 2009

There are two beiiefs on this. Some believe that you cannot combine the two, and others including myself believe that it strengthens the relationship. I believe that with the physical connection that the submissive is more motivated to please the Dominate. Others see it the other way around with the submissive slacking due to the relationship. <br />
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This is something that you should discuss with your Dom, either before or at a point that it is important to you. If it is not acceptable to your Dom, then you need to find a Dom that is willing to meet your needs. A real D/s relationship is meeting each others needs. If you want to talk more, let me know and I will provide you with my email address

You are a thing. What you want does not matter to Sir. You exist in his world because he permits. I hope he sees this and punishes you.

Your Owner will give you rules, schedules, and instructions to follow daily. Everything you do should be pleasing to Him. Your wants, needs, and desires are irrelevant.

Hope things are going wonderfully for you.