Im Sick of the Pain

I'm 27, and have been living with pain since Jan 06. one morning i woke up to find i couldn't move and was in serve agony- to cut a long story short i have since had lumbar back surgery and had 2 discs removed and replaced with artificial ones. However the surgery has left me with serve pain and sciatic nerve damage, which causes serve pins n needles and stabbing pains in both legs. The only benefit i can use my legs, although they are very pain. (read my blog for more detailed info)

The  Back pain is agony everyday, and every activity hurts. I'm on drugs until they can find out they can do something, but so far nothing has worked. All i want in life is to be able to come off the drugs and painkillers. I've been told that the pain will never go away completely and that there is a possibility that I'm stuck like i am at the mo. But if i can just cope without painkillers i will be happy. No pain would be brilliant, but like i say thats never going to happen.

I feel sorry for anyone who has to leave with pain. The vomiting, people not understanding, depression, putting on a brave face, all comes with people living in agony. And people seem to forget all that.

KnackeredBack KnackeredBack
26-30, M
Jul 14, 2008