Unexpected Friends

How often do you go out and meet strange yet interesting people,for me it happens quite a lot,4 days ago i was in my local pub getting a few down me when a guy asks me wheres best to go in town, for some fun, out of the blue i ask what sort of fun are you looking for,and he said the type that leaves you wanting more?, so i say straight up I'm it my friend ,he looks me up and down and says ok I'm Mike hi I'm Simon, cool want to grab a seat, so we chat about where he,s been and what he like and where he,s staying ,the youth hostel round the corner, so bold as brass ...right ok lets go ,he doesn't seem surprised, we head of to the hostel {I've never been in}, as we enter he says in here ,and to my surprise its a dorm with 6 bunk beds, i don't say anything and he makes his move on me ,i go with the flow ,***** for him and get on down to it,{in the back of my mind thinking what if someone walks in, but as he's entering me with large powerful thrusts i loose my inhibitions, letting him just ride me for all I'm worth, swap a few positions, then with a couple of hard thrusts **** in me,, I'm taken back when he says ,thanks mate just what i needed,to which i says same always up for it, so it seems,what now oh! he says back to the pub for me sounds like a good idea, so what a cool day ,of course we did it a few times more later, with the threat of other people listening, or entering the room it was quite a turn on, and id do it again in a heart beat....
serotta98 serotta98
41-45, M
Dec 10, 2012