Pee On Me

i have been peeing on my salf and i have love it a long time. now i want  someone to pee on me and in me. i have tasted my own pee now i want to taste someone elas.
allisoncder allisoncder
51-55, T
20 Responses Dec 4, 2012

i have also drunk my pis and wont drink from anouther **** or faney

Knowing you are petit so such at turn on, I would love to **** in your mouth

I just adore being pissed on and over and just adore drinking **** lob to go out with stockings mini skirt and basque on under me suit with a couple of friends and ***** nd dink their **** in the woods between pub stops in the country

I love it had an accident on bike last night on way home from night out had stockings on and panties but did not have pullups on got soaked through was running down my leg like a river loved it

Its the absolute best to get pissed on by someone cant get enough

looks like you're going to have a great party!!

I have ben peed on hundreds of times and drunk it and more its fabulous

I love that too!

Yes I like it too. I like being peed on and in on the greens anywhere.

Do you like pee games out in the green ?

i like to be peed on and peed in

Come see me we can do this for each other. I want the very same things. Who know we might end up with each other thanks Billie

I would have you laying in the sun in panties and pee all over your back ,*** and legs...

i would like that

sounds right, should be mutual

wow i love that golden shower i try it and i love it the best of pee i try from a huge **** **** my *** hall deep and hard then he *** on and bee inside and out side i feel slutty because all the night i feel that lovely liquid drop from my *** hall

My wife, herself, surprised me in her 70's to stand in the bath and pee in her.
Do not know how she got the thought but it was sure erotic.

Far too old fo pcs, pity but I am ancent.What else you into ? I love anal os

Golden showers haave sex for hours :-)

yes i would like that...where is ur pic

Soo cool girl You and couls have so muuch fun

Go for it dear

Not for me but who I am to judge go for it. If it turns you on why not

I would love to pee on you!
Can I see your clity and panties?