I Am Always Curious

and have even been chastized for wanting to compare (yes i peeked in gym class), so i asked a
Gal, yes she was Troubled, what was a weirdness that she had encountered. she told me about the encounter whereby a fellow wanted her morning chemistry; that is her first thing in the morning pee.

years later a ukrainian beauty, Marina described the health benefit of vit-a-mins and then hiked her leg up onto the bed. i kneeled at her ' health store front door ' moments later i was gargling with her multi-vitamin blast of ****. I rimmed her nicely and she curiously said, are you a professional?

it was a great compliment as i look nothing like a pro anything. in case anyone is curious we did
not have a plastic tablecloth - in fact she was concerned as i really got a golden shower and she
said i should go home and take a shower to clean...i didn't tell her but i am a dirty bird.

now i crave really tropical fruit like bananas - and ginger do we all know about Figging ?

cya in davao, fatty t

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ok I will pee on you