I Know My Wife Would Never Go For It, So...

I know my wife would never go for it, so forget about her. I love my wife, but if I wasn't married, I would hire a hooker to peg me. Dream about it all the time.

RayMol3455 RayMol3455
46-50, M
5 Responses Mar 10, 2010

I told wife about this. She said its not going to happen. Im not giving up

Are you SURE she wouldn't go for it? I think that's what my hubby used to think as well, but after a few conversations together we now have the best sex life ever! She may discover that she enjoys the toys as much as you.

What a shame! my fiance and I are planning to do this and I can't wait. I'm going to buy a double ***** and **** his *** with it then insert it in my *** also until our butts are ******* cheek to cheek! mmm I wonder if he'll manage to get his **** inside me too?? We can't wait to try this!

Great idea. I'll have to try that as well.

My wife is very closed minded about the subject too. First chance I get if I meet a woman that wants to do me, I'm there!!!!

like ur coment.....my ex was too vanila to peg me....still have that interest...need to connect somehow with pegging woman here in EP......now this would be a bold new adventure to add to my bucket list!