Oh Yes!

I got completey lost 150km from civilisation with no phone coverage and ENJOYED EVERY MINUTE OF IT!
Yeehaaa grandma!
I was lost but doing some of my fav things:

Driving on long deserted stretches of road surrounded by thick wooded bushland

Stopping to take pictures of the coolest trees I have ever seen

Listening to awesome music UP LOUD :)

Slowing for bounding Kangaroo's across the road

and laughing because I can

I beleive positivity can be used in every moment and in ever situation
Bythelight0fthemoon Bythelight0fthemoon
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4 Responses Jan 14, 2013

How did you start this trek of positivity ?

I wanted to change. To find that one little something beautiful that makes me radiate from the inside out in my day. And try and do it everyday.

Awesome! Love your way of thinking. Honestly....I think if I got lost by my self with no phone I would be freaking out. And I do get lost a lot :P But IF or WHEN I get lost again...I'll try to remember this story and tell myself to make the best of it and enjoy the moment :)

Great! I am honoured you would do that :-)
besides you can never get lost anyways, its just an amazing little side adventure before reaching your planned destination

Many many years ago when I first started driving. When I was about 19...I used to get lost a lot and then my car would start up giving me trouble...I felt like crying out of frustration. I would call my brother or Brother in law and they would guide me back to my destination/home. Thank God for my Iphone and GPS these days.

Sounds like an awesome time!

it was :)

Awe awesomesauce lucky you :)
I would really have a blast!

Thanks for sharing!

great saying!!

I also like (cool bananas) picked up this saying when I was 19 :)