I have been really down for the past 2 years. It happened because of lots of things, but the main ingredient was a broken heart. Either way, lots of other things played a factor. In fact, it was likely even a large factor; that I wasn't admitted to pharmacy school, despite my 86% composite score on the PCAT.
So anyway - I had absolutely all of my eggs in that basket, and I was "going for broke." Well, because of a few things, mainly the economy - according to the people in the admission offices; I didn't get admitted into pharmacy school out of college. I could have after a year or two, even without taking any classes - just because the economy hit the fan, everyone tried to "escape" it by becoming a graduate student. I borrowed all the money to go to college though, and so since the best job I could land right out of college was $8.xx per hour at Home Depot, being a cashier. I did that until I saved up enough to buy a $1600 car - and then I could earn a little bit more.
But, I had to pay rent and try to save a tiny bit. My student loan payments were almost $2grand a month! I could barely afford food and rent, while completely ignoring this huge bill!
So I couldn't borrow money to go to graduate school, they felt I was a bad risk; since I wasn't able to pay back the original loans. So even though I can get into pharmacy schools (and pass, I haven't studied more than 100 hours in total, through high school and college - it came quite easily - I always got the grades I knew I had to, to get by. I just got caught by circumstances; and my own laziness.
It's more complicated and is more unlucky than that, but nobody likely cares quite that much.

Anyway, I'm having a renewed strive towards happiness, health, and success! I get depressed, very depressed; and like I mentioned, I have been down for the past 2 years.
I'm doing yoga now daily, I'm trying to eat better, and that's mainly hindered right now by my lack of money. I'm also doing lots more to promote my small construction business again, and I'm hoping that will start paying off soon. I also plan to save as soon as possible, to invest into the business. I know that there are a few things I can do that will dramatically increase the amount of money I can make, and the amount of jobs and clients that I can find.
I've done this twice before - once the business was stolen from me; the other time I threw it away when I got a broken heart.
Both times though, I created a profitable business. This time, I already have a lot of the pieces, but I don't have the cash nest-egg to start. I'm pretty sure that just some lucky driving (I can't have any break downs, or accidents, or pull-overs. I don't have insurance or registration - it's my 1st priority) and persistence is all I need to make things start to succeed again.

I enjoyed feeling like a success. I shouldn't have thrown it away for that girl. I'm very lucky that I didn't throw away my entire life. I tried, that's for sure.

Anyway, wish me luck - and I'm not going to text and drive! That's my #1 maneuver for not having problems driving!
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Good luck¬°¬°

Well..Erm..I was never be loved and also in a relationship..Idk..I liked some boys..but they end up ignored me ..I have been single for 24years..And I think I may remain this record..haha!!!Do not be sad,"what does not kill you make you stronger";) I had experience can't eat foods,you know I like eating..And I had experience can't write..I bet you know also..:/...What I gonna say is..Just maybe you should be numb at me.like"she left me,she knows what she has lost!"..About loan or whatever..Now China people under loan is kind of a roles here..I know a man ,he needs to pay off his loan for 30years,which according to the government calculated ...just think life is a journey..pick up the lighting piece in life and we end up bury into mud..so take it easy..Well..Erm..ya..haha..xD

thanks :) you're a nice person and I appreciate you; thanks for the kind words as well.

Wish u a good luck....I am sure this time u will succeed because you already got so much strength from your mistakes or failures,this time you ll only go up..:)