Up Beat And Positive....always!

I've spent the greater portion of my life with a spirited and up-beat lifestyle, and tried to promote that through my personality. I enjoy putting a smile on peoples faces and up their spirits to offer a little happiness in their lives. I 'try' to wear my heart on one sleeve and my personality on the other, and I hope that comes out in my writings. It also has much to do with something that I learned many years ago, and that is, that happiness ups the immune system and wards off diseases which I feel is extremely important to our children,  communities and world. It also lowers stress and we live in a very stressful world. I suppose that I might have gotten my funny side from my father, because he had such a comical way about him and a joke in every breath.

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8 Responses Mar 7, 2010

wish we have more people like that, I'm trying to stay positive too, my mother is hillarious but I didn't get that from her =/

That's great. Through all of the darkness, you are another light. As a quote goes, "In the darkest of nights, the smallest of lights makes the brightest."

I admire your ability to be always positive. Why is it negativity spreads like a wild fire out of control? I do love my cliche's ... lol. I can't say I'm "always" positive but I do strive to make that my dominant outlook. Perhaps it's simply another learned behavior. By practicing it over & over you can become a positive personality without trying.

A great thought and story MusicMouse. I agree with you - we can do nothing better than spread the love around.

Dear MusicMouse, not only do your stories make me smile, but they also make me think. For me that is the ultimate in seduction, a man that can make me smile and use my brain. Now all you need to do is blow in my ear and I'll follow you anywhere!!!(Well maybe not because I don't have a passport-lol)

I have been entirely too negative of late, and I think that happiness the cure for all disease...smiling reduces stress, releases good stuff to your brain, and being positive can never be bad...<br />
...unless you're 'positive to get pulled over by the police', or 'tested positive', or 'accidentally put the negative on the positive', or something like that. Those positives can be bad...

Yes, it does comes out in your writing....you're being yourself & you have a fantastic personality!...and you always put a smile on your friends faces....you know we all love ya on here, don't ya?!... : )<br />
<br />
I'll have to kidnap you for a while to show some people around here that it doesn't hurt to be "POSITIVE " in life....they really need that lesson!...so, when can I kidnap ya?lol ; )

:) thats nice !i want to be more positive too