Confidence And Negative Thinking

I'm not all that confident and at times that reinforces negative thinking and vice versa,I try to challenge these thoughts rather than letting them get the better of me.Like most people i have my off days on where i feel miserable and small especially at work as i have recently started a new job and i worry about making mistakes, but lets it face no one is perfect and i hope i can grow stronger through experience.:)

caroleaustin caroleaustin
41-45, F
2 Responses Mar 8, 2010

I know that you been on this earth more than me. But aren't you scared of getting attacked? Have you ever been attacked before? I am so scared of getting into dangerous situations with bad criminals. I am always scared. I have been scared all my life. Haven't you been scared, tell me about your scared times.

Well you are doing a good job, knowing that I never seen you in my life. You are doing a real good job. I always worry that we are getting to the end of times, in this world. That is what worrying me. I am always worrying about the end of times. I know Jesus is coming back. Some people keep saying the sun is going to turn into a giant space ball. I don't know what that means. What year do you think Jesus going to come back, and what is going to happen? I just worry and worry. Worry that I will never get a chance in this world. I am so scared of everything in this world.