Have you ever wondered what it would be like to be able to mother more than just  your own species?  I have, and I really like the idea.  Now, I love pregnancy a lot due to the life inside of the body...imagine if that life weren't exactly the same shape as the mother...  Personally, I find it very very interesting and very very sexy to consider the thought of cross species breeding.  A human mother bonding with an infant horse or deer?  Feeling those kicks instead of a humans?  Truly a unique experience.  I myself would love to carry an animal or alien in my womb...even if I were to reproduce in the same quantities of the animal I'm carrying.  The thought of my being weighed down by a gravid anchor of twin baby elephants warms me to no end.  I believe that even if the baby looks nothing like me, I can still feel all the maternal love that I would feel for a human baby.  And then, of course, comes variety.  I could never have the same baby twice...a litter of kittens, a rhino, and elephant...I could experiment and be the mother to all kinds of things.  Perhaps i could then call myself Mother Nature.  I've always envisioned her as massively pregnant...

SonJeevas SonJeevas
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How about a food baby? I can grow a full term food baby in a day of intensive eating!

Yeah, I did think what I said did make it seem like I'm into people hahaha. I didn't really mean that. I think I moreso meant I'd like to see cross species breeding in the form of humans getting pregnant by naturally. Interesting to see someone with this interest! You picked a cute animal to carry too!