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Knock Me Up

I'm beyond turned on by the thought of being impregnated. I don't know why... And I feel like I should be ashamed because I'm only 20 years old... I'm a sweet, very creative, and very intelligent young woman yet I have baby fever so bad and have impregnation fever so bad. I know it's not logical or realistic to get knocked up right now but I just want it! I wanna feel a guy I'm really into *** inside me and know it was on purpose and that he wants to impregnate me and have a child with me. Ugh, I know this sounds so wrong but I don't know why I feel this way!! I wish I knew where to meet people that feel the same and I could talk to about it that aren't complete creeps... :/

I wanna find someone that's turned on by this too and wants to share their fantasy with me... I don't want any artifical insemination.. I want to feel the guy's d!ck pulsating like crazy from my tight p*ssy and then exploding deep inside me... It's driving me insaneeee!

I also love when the guy is dominating me. Nothin turns me on more than being submissive to his d!ck and havin him explode in me as the ultimate domination and control over me. I know this sounds crazy but it's all I think about...

I want to be pregnant so bad. I wanna know a baby is growing inside me and that I'm gonna be a mom. So many people I know are having babies and I want one. I'm going to be the most amazing mother and I have such baby fever. I look at baby clothes whenever I'm shopping by myself just browsing...

Anyone wanna help me or feel the same way?
BellaRoma64 BellaRoma64 18-21, F 12 Responses Oct 11, 2011

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add me!

You sound amazing! :-) Wow... did you find your guy, and accomplish your desire?

Gosh this sound just like I want to happen to me, good to know there r others out ther. & good luck.

Nothing turns me on so much when Im f*cking a girl and she starts to beg for a baby. I get so horny that I dont care if I do!
I would love to chat with you if you like to share some of your fantasies... and let me know if you have any luck getting pregnant as well. ;)

i can/ will help you. where you from

Would love to fold you in half and *** deep in your tight *****.

You would love being bred by me, experiencing my long **** and powerful seed. Watching your tummy grow would be a turn on for me as well.

nothing wrong with thinking that way. I find it kinda interesting. if you ever want to chat about it, let me know.

I think your thoughts on wanting to get pregnant are so beautiful and natural.

they probably are. at age 20, guys are mostly wanting to have sex, not start a family. Since most people both have some sense of responsibility and conscience, start talking about having sex and making babies and a 20 yr old guy is gonna get freaked out. I would have when I was that age! True, there's a difference between "talking about it to turn each other on" and actually "doing it", but it takes a certain level of maturity to cope with that difference, I suspect. <br />
<br />
The idea of breeding my wife turns me on to no end. We don't really want kids, but she knows the effect it has on me so she happily feeds the fantasy - tells me she's ovulating, tells me she wants it... lets me babble on about breeding her as I take her... etc. But that's after a while of being together and a certain level of trust in each other. <br />
<br />
It isn't logical or realistic - it's hormonal, it's instinctual. go with it. :)

you can email me if you want, Im totally turn on by it. I'll help you if we can connect :)<br />
<br />

i feel like guys my age are wicked turned off by it so im afraid to tell them..

agree, totally feel the same

I'd like to give it to you raw, make you beg for it, squeeze it into your bare, vulnerable pvssy. The particular phrase that drives me nuts is "Master, please fvck a baby into me..."