The Natural Progression Of Things...

I dream of meeting a nice girl, and starting to date. We spend some time together, and being laying the foundations of a good relationship, truly getting to know and care about one another. As our relationship becomes physical, we both decide that we don't want to use condoms, or any other kind of birth control, but would much rather let nature take its course. We begin a routine of avoiding sex and withdrawing when it is close to your fertile time. As time goes on, we push those limits, just a little bit. We both come to truly enjoy the moment of passion when we are locked in each others arms, mouths pressed together kissing, and my body beginning to tighten as I know I am going to ***. You have learned to push your hips forward to accept me deeper and pull me closer to make sure it goes in as deep as it can. You have learned how to anticipate each stream, in time with each pump and can time yourself just right to receive it perfectly. When we are done, you carefully roll over and hold your legs closed so that it doesn't run out. I hold you and sometimes slide a pillow under your hips to help the warm *** flow closer to your cervix. You know you aren't fertile now, but if you can hold in in deep enough, maybe you will be.

As time goes on, our passion for one another grows as we together push the timing further and further, allowing me to come completely in you very close to your fertile days. You constantly do your part by holding my *** in and not standing up after sex. I am constantly doing my part by not ************ to make sure that there is plenty of *** for you every time. Though we may be excited and nervous, we are letting nature take its course, so we do not use pregnancy tests, we just wait patiently until one month, your period doesn't come.

We are both very proud of each other and happy together. After everything we have been through and everything we have done together, we have grown very close. You are relieved to finally be pregnant, and know that I will be keeping you pregnant as much as I can through your fertile years, pollinating your flower and watching what it does to you time and time again. When we first find out that you are pregnant, I will marry you. I will take you as mine, as I have already done with your body. You will belong to me, in mind and body. You will do the most submissive thing that a woman can do for a man, allow your body to be ravaged by the changes that my potent seed will cause, time and time again. You will not work, you will be mother my incredible children, giving them the love and nurture that they need. I will take care of them, and you. Together will will do what is most natural to us, live in the constraints of a male led household and begin a Dynasty that will exist well after we grow old together.

If the above scenario interests you and you are young (Say 25 or under) and fertile, get in touch with me. I live in a city on the east coast, am 27, and will relocate the right woman for this situation to come to fruition.
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