I Just Want A Family

I love kids! I've always related to them better and gotten along with them better than adults since before i can remember. I've wanted to have a baby since i was 19 years old and I am now 24. I just got married last year and everyone tells me "you're young, you have time," not if I want 4 kids I don't. I don't want to be 50 years old with my youngest being 10, that's silly! There is nothing I want more in life than to raise a family. If it meant quitting nursing school, and giving up my career, I would do it in a heartbeat. Isn't that what family is about? Sacrifices?
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First of all, since you want children so badly you need to be real and serious about this! Quitting school and a job is not very wise since taking care of children cost alot of money! Trust me, I know! I'm the first of 5 kids and my mom STRUGGLED to keep us fed even when at times we didn't have food. What kind of life are you going to provide for them if you don't have a shelter for them to feel safe, money to buy food, medicine, clothing , school? It would not be fair to them to be living poorly because you wanted kids so badly you dropped out and cant afford to take care of them! That would be very selfish of you! Think lady, think real hard of what you want, because the decisions you make now is going to affect your kids down the road! You are only 24 (like me) and yes you still young and hence have time for all that! Build your life and solid foundation first then everything else will come

It's not about sacrifices. Its willingness to sacrifice. But if you equate quitting school and a career to a sacrifice, then you need to do some thinking. Perhaps you are using the wrong term. But sacrificing implies giving up something important, something you want and that this sacrifice is hard to do. Is nursing a dream of yours?

If you want a kid now, and so does your spouse, AND you can afford to raise a baby (not a cloth diaper wearing baby who breastfeeds perfectly but a baby who can't wear cloth diapers without severe diaper rash and can't tolerate breastmilk and requires soy based formula ) then have a baby. But think about if with any student loans and not working, can you afford decent life for your baby?

Alternatively if you don't have much schooling left, don't give it up. You can get pregnant and go to school. Just time it so you graduate before actually giving birth. It's worth it to have that degree now rather then finishing it up when you've got four kids running around. You need to work eventually.

Good luck