Breed Me !

I ache to get pregnant, carry to term, birth then do it again and again. I will start moment I find next open minded husband. I have had the powerful ache to breed for so long. I love a lot of kinky sex and am highly sexually aggressive to breed. If interested contact me...

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Ill gladly breed you.

And who is paying for the kids? Short Term thinking about one moment in time and then working the whole life to pay.
I love the thinking of and if a married couple agree to do so the roles must be clear.
So for me it is only a phantasy not an Octomom Spirit :)

I would love to brred with you.will you travel to Phoenix,Az?

I am a ***** donor in southern ontario, let me know if interested in AI donation.

Hi i can help d/d free, no drama. If u live in the Ny area-can travel within reason. I help aanother couple hostage to start a family. He was sterile, visit them one during summer went in the pool had dinner a few beers later she was ready. We both removed our bathing suit she still had a t shirt on got behind her,few moments later came in her -got dressed and left. The next weekend repeat the same thing. About 2 months later rec'd. A hone call a few months telling me she was pregnant and thank u. Never heard from them again. No pressure.

Sounds great lets have a breeding party.

hey baby I'd love to breed you <3 I'm a college guy so I'm nice and virile for you

what a great attitude, lets start a good ol fashioned commune! Pleeeeezz

Hon I know the desire and feel the same way

I love trying to inpregnanted other women or other mens wife it's so erotic I am so hard writing this now. My good friend wants me to give him and wife there 5th child soon I hope I can't wait lol.

Oh how I long to breed with you. You're so sexy. Have my baby.

The thoughts about a "breeder" are so exciting..........the lust to breed..........the desire to wash you with ones seed.............your hungry need for more.......

I am in the same boat! I would love nothing more than to be constantly pregnant, starting on the next one asap each time! I think sex while pregnant is amazing!

That's so erotic to hear I have been able too give 6 kids to 5 different women. I am looking to do more I get hard thinking about it.

My 8 incher is all yours my baby. I would love to keep both your deliceous holes filled with my lovejuice. Just let me know when.

Being bred constantly sounds awesome...and of course very very sexy! Maybe it should have its own group or something!