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I am an average American citizen who is disgusted by the current state of America. I have great hope that we are finding our way back, but it will take some time to get there; probably a few years. I have been thinking to myself what would I do if I were president?  I decided to write it out on paper, and divide it into parts. In the first part I merely discuss the major problem I see. In further parts I will discuss possible solutions.

Something that I rarely talk about publically is politics. Discussing politics in general is akin to the 3rd rail of subway track; talking about it never fails to draw tons of criticism. Now, I voted for Obama largely based upon his promised environmental plans.  I do believe America’s future prosperity is directly linked to our ability to care for the environment, in particular alternative means of energy. We need to break free of our “addiction” to oil. By investing ourselves in alternative energies, we would be able create an entire new economy free of the international politics of the Middle East. 

But politics in general, the US, is a system that is broken. We have two parties, each with their unique platforms.  It’s very much an “us versus them” environment, but they are two sides of the same coin. In truth it is Corporations that run the United States; the promises made to political lobbies for their donations. It’s sad.  And it’s both parties. In the Bush administration it was the Oil lobby. In the Obama administration is appears to the HMOs, with this new policy for socialized health care and mandatory micro-chipping in order to receive medical care.  When is America going to wake up?

I have a lot of problems with the bailout bill too. I disagreed with the first one laid out by Bush, and disagree with the one by Obama.  My contention is that the lack of oversight for the given funds (Bush) and the fact that same corporate officers who mismanaged their companies in the ground are being left in charge. Where is the accountability? Ultimately it is the CEO who is responsible. It is the everyday man who loses his job but the higher level managers who are reaping the benefits.

I draw the analogy to Navy Capitan who runs his ship into the ground. It’d doesn’t matter if the Capitan was sleeping, eating, or in a meeting while his ship was run ashore. It doesn’t matter that Ensign Smith was on the bridge while Seaman Jones made an error at the wheel. The Capitan of the ship is the one who responsible. It’s the Capitan who will suffer the consequence of his Crew’s actions, and it is the Capitan who lose his command and end his career.  Likewise, these corporate officers need to be held to the same standards.  Their greed and gross negligence caused this mess. And yes I have written my congressman multiple times addressing this very issue. And what does my fine congressman send me back? Nothing!

I don’t have much faith that Obama’s plan will work. I hope it does, but I think their political mindset is treading the waters of 1930’s, where the isolationist and protectionist policies of our country protracted the Great Depression. Obama’s plan is much like FDR’s New Deal. He is creating jobs to rebuild our infrastructure as if we were a Blue Collar work force.  Nothing against Blue Collar workers, I come from a family of them, but how many blue collar workers are left in the nation? Most of the laborers I know are from Latin America, not the United States of America.  How many people want to go out there and repair bridges and patch pot holes?

The most ridiculous thing about the Bail Out is the tax cuts. How the hell are we paying for this rescue of financial malfeasance? Our taxes are going to have to be raised at some point or maybe they are simply printing more money, which only drives down further the value of the dollar. Why give us a cut now? Is it their hope that we will go out and spend money, buy things, and help stimulate the economy? I don’t know about you, but any “break” I receive is going to bills, not more stuff.

This is the end of the first part. In the 2nd part, I will explicate my ideas that I think we revitalize the Nation.

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Thanks tink, although i dont "smoke" i think of all the tax revenue we could gain by legalizing it.