Smokey For President (part 2)

                This is the second part of the Smokey For President.

                I left off my last essay concluding the problems inherent in our current economic crisis. I will now briefly state how these problems would be better addressed. There are no quick fixes, no band aids, or anything of that nature. Our nation’s economic recovery will require difficult choices and a complete reversal of the way we do business.

                First on my agenda – complete campaign finance reform.  Corporate donations to our elected leaders through various political action committees are the driving force behind the majority of all our policies.  Follow some the bills and resolutions as they make their way through Congress and the White House and see who profits from the passage of legislation. The American People are often secondary to the “needs” of the Pharmaceutical, Oil, or Defense industries.

                Second, let all these banks requiring bailouts fail.  Failing banks would result in yours truly losing his job, but I am looking long term. The needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few.  Like we told the Japanese during their financial meltdown in the 90’s, we need a complete restructuring of the American banking system. In a free market, other banks, healthier and better managed banks would take their place.

                Third, return to the Gold Standard. It used to be that dollar was backed by gold or silver. This changed during the 1930’s and was completely eradicated during the Nixon Administration. Returning to the Gold Standard would stave off inflation and make the dollar worth something again.

                Fourth, stop being a Global Police force.  I am all for a strong defense. I am a veteran. I loved serving. We do have a responsibility to protect freedom, but at what cost? We are spending some 36 Billion dollar a month in Iraq alone. Never mind all of other Global expenditures while we “keep the peace” projecting American power to project our financial interests.  This is directly related to our Energy policies and getting the hell out of the Middle East.

                Lastly, let us get rid of the IRS. Abolish personal income tax. (Keep business tax) Shift taxation to a flat tax on goods and services.  The government would reap windfall revenues by adding a 15% federal sales tax. You can even play around the percentages bases upon what is being purchased. Food staples and medical needs should not be taxed at all; likewise for utilities, (including phone and cable), and basic clothing.

                I think these 5 items would really help our country in the long run. But who am I but a telecommunications supervisor, a dreamer and an idealist

Smokeseek Smokeseek
36-40, M
1 Response Feb 13, 2009

I would vote for you but you have too many weird dreams, ya schizo.