I Think......

See I've often wondered if over thinking oneself is such a good idea.

I enjoy psychology and philosophy which I think make an interesting combination with which to apply thoughts to life.

You can ask yourself questions then search yourself for the answer which applies to you.

Is it possible to be completely altruistic? As humans, but also as myself. Can we really be totally selfless in all acts we carry out. Even those which we try to tell ourselves are for the sole benefit of another - we feel good about being good - so self adulation takes place.

If I close my eyes and think of a space, a blank canvas within which I exist and place things in this room - in my minds eye, can I then begin to understand what these things represent and solidify in my life? Or do I need to just take a look at the life I have and work from within it to gain the outer understanding?

Do you think it's possible to truly ever understand yourself when you live in a world that changes every day - with people surrounding you who are inconsistent and flighty, who lose you within their own subconscience? Or is it perhaps a little dangerous to truly understand oneself, for what is there then left to explore and discover.
PaleAngel PaleAngel
31-35, F
Oct 1, 2010