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I've Been A Naughty Girl

I haven't had much time to be with my girlfriend recently, we're both teaching 'A' level exam pieces at the moment at the school we are both dance teachers at. My husband hasn't been away for business so far this year, or away at the weekend following his beloved Gillingham, so the opportunities for illicit fun have been few and far between!

So this last weekend was the first time for quite a while that I've been able to really enjoy myself with K. And what made it better was that I didn't have anything to do with the planning, and it was all a surprise to me! K is the dominant half of our partnership, even though she is much younger than me. I'm very happy to be a sub to her, because she has some very naughty/nice ideas that I would never think of! Our role play games are all driven by her deliciously naughty mind, and I play whatever part she tells me to willingly..

This Saturday we were both in different dance studios rehearsing for the last time with our exam groups. As I said, it has been very busy, and I didn't expect to see her for more than a quick kiss in my room before we both had to head home... Half way through the day, I got a text message from her, telling me to tell my husband that things weren't going well, and I would be later home than I'd first thought. This sent a small shiver down my neck and I felt myself start to get a little bit moist at the thought that she had got something planned. I returned the text saying that of course I would tell hubby that. She then texted me to wait in the P.E hall after I had finished that evening.

By 5.30 I was giddy with anticipation and waiting as instructed in the P.E hall. K arrived a few minutes later, and after we had kissed deeply, and I'd felt her hands running over my bum and boobs, she pulled back and told me that while we had the whole school to ourselves, wouldn't it be fun to play a pupil/teacher game..with me as the pupil?!...

I was nervous about being caught...even in an empty school at the weekend the caretakers could come around at any minute. K said she'd told the caretakers to go home, and that she was going to lock up and alarm the building, so she knew we were completely alone...With butterflies in my tummy I agreed to play the pupil!..

First, she told me to ***** off out of my leotard and leggings. she stood me in the middle of the hall with my hands on my head in just my knickers while she went to the P.E office. When she came back, she had a Netball bib, a short P.E skirt and a pair of gym knickers that are kept as spares should any of the girls forget their kit. She told me to put the things on and wait in the corner for her.

I waited for her to come over. She was wearing a tight crop top and hot pants that she'd changed into. She told me that I had been a very naughty girl for forgetting my gym kit, and that she had decided to punish me to teach me a lesson. Firstly, she told me to bend over with my hands on the climbing bars on the wall. She then walked slowly around me, telling me to apologise for such bad behaviour..which I did!...Then she lifted the back of my skirt and started to spank me soundly..

After about 10 or 12 slaps I was starting to cry out, so she stopped spanking and told me to stay where I was. She went back to the office, and this time came back with two stockings I think she must have brought along herself. She tied my hands to the climbing bars, and said if the spankings were hurting me, maybe she should try some other punishment..

I felt her fingers running up the back of my legs, then up the side of my boobs which were still accessible through the sides of the bib...then she started tickling me!...At first it was just gently around my boobs and the back of my legs, which made me squirm and squeal...then she started doing it harder and more intensely and I began to howl with laughter, begging her to stop.

I called out to her that I couldn't take much more, and I pleaded with her to let me go, but she just ignored me, telling ,me that it was better than a spanking. I wriggled and squirmed around, and by now I was crying with laughter, but she didn't stop at all...

I was laughing so much, I was beginning to find it difficult to hold onto control of my bladder, and I screamed to her that I was going to wet myself! She just carried on tickling and told me that girls who are naughty enough to wet themselves get a slippering as well as a spanking...I cried out for her to stop, and then I realised something else..

I could feel her hands between my legs, tickling the inside of her thighs, but realised that there were other hands tickling around my boobs as well!... I looked around and saw Sarah, K's flatmate, standing next to me, grinning from ear to ear and enjoying tickling me!

I squealed when I saw her, and K just said, you didn't think I wasn't going to share you being such a naughty girl did you?!.. I tried to protest...but really I was excited to be under the control of two sexy young I didn't protest too hard!... As they had stopped tickling me, I regained my breath and begged them to let me go to the toilet...Sarah said that I should know pupils aren't allowed to go to the toilet during lesson time...then she took the bib off of me so I was topless again, and bent over to lick my soon as she did this it was like a bolt of electricity went through me and I moaned out loud...K said she didn't want Sarah having all the fun, so she bent down at the other side of me and started to lick that nipple too...My knees nearly buckled under me and I felt a hot squirt of wee soak my knickers as my bladder started to give way.. K heard my sharp intake of breath and put her hand right onto my *****.. She said what a naughty girl I was, and that I should be punished by both my my teachers!

She stood up, as did Sarah, and then they took it in turns to spank my bum. I was clinging onto the bars on the wall by now, desperately turned on and on the verge of orgasming... I lost count of how many stinging slaps I took on my poor bum, but after a while, I realised that I couldn't hold on anymore, and just cried out "I'm going to wee myself!" my bladder let go and my knickers were suddenly very warm and wet...wee ran down the inside of my legs and started to puddle on the floor.... K continued to spank me all the time I peed, while Sarah knelt on the floor underneath my boobs and went from one nipple to the other with her flicking tongue...

After I had disgraced myself completely, K pulled my knickers down and licked me out, bringing me to a knee buckling ******....

After that I was untied and instructed to pleasure both Sarah and K in turns, which I gladly did!

Sarah then cleaned up the puddle I had made while K put me over her knee and spanked me with a slipper for wetting myself... I came again over her knee!...

Luckily we did get away without the caretakers finding out what was going on...although I did hear the P.E staff this morning wondering why there were a pair of pissy knickers left in the corner of the hall!..
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I went to an all girls' school for a couple of years (don't ask how!). There was a lot of tension! seems you've found a way to relieve it!

this was so written by a guy.

very hot. my favorite things...spankings and pee.

I wet ny pants just reading this now I'm playing with myself

Wow, you girls sure know how to have fun - I think your spankers should also be spanked severely for not allowing you to go go to the toilet when you begged to be allowed to :)

such a horny story

oh I wish that had been me

Hi Balletgirl... I was spanked by my mother on a number of occasions when I was growing up. On one or two occasions it was because I had wet myself, and I also feel that it's because of these experiences that I still crave to be disciplined by another woman in the way I do... <br />
<br />
Glad you liked the story, and others I have described...I hope you will like some new ones I'm hoping to put on here too...xx

i want to see my stories in private with u

Fabulous story. Were you physically disciplined as a child? I was caned by my mother and by the nuns at my school. Its left me with a need still to be disciplined by other women.

i want to see my stories in private with u

It was a real account, yes!... And I am very lucky in my relationship with makes up for being unlucky with my husband!....<br />
Never mind, I'm having lots of fun and that's all that matters!... And there's more to come soon hopefully! x

Gerta68 i think its true if you loookk at her other storys then it shows that her and Kate have some other fun times!

If it's only fantasy it is a lovely one. If it is true then you have friends who know exactly what a very naughty girl needs...

i want to see my stories in private with u