I Deserve It, Daddy

I know I have been a real difficult daughter, Daddy. Always talking back and sassing you and mom. Not cleaning up my room. Staying out late with bad boys with bad intentions. Teasing my brother. So I think I need to be punished. I think you need to take me out to the backyard and give me a lesson. I think you should ***** me bare and put me over your knee. Yes, I know the neighbors could probably see, but that's part of the punishment I deserve. Make me spread my legs and forbid me to tense up or close them. Get one of those ping pong paddles, drill holes in it and spank my sassy *** hard and long! Don't stop until I am crying and kicking my legs and begging, promising anything if only you'll stop. And I will promise to be a good girl, but ...... you know me .... and tomorrow you will need to spank me again, naked, in the backyard. And not just on my bum, either. I think you should slap my boobies and the inside of my thighs, too, and maybe my bare feet. And if I am a bad girl after that (a pretty good bet!) you will need to do even WORSE punishments. After all, I am a spoiled teasing little brat who needs to be punished over and over!!!!
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That is the hottest thing i have ever read

And so the stampede of prospective daddies begins. Too close to home, I'm afraid so it's hard to be objective.

Too close to your home? Is this a sensitive topic? *smiling* sounds like there is a story there ...

Such a brat.. no matter what Daddy does, you just get worse, the neighbors have taken to watching through their windows.. you know they're there, peaking through the curtains, touching themselves as they watch your daddy slap your bare ***, abuse your little ****... slap your little ***** while you beg for forgiveness and give false promises of being a good girl

But since Daddy makes me go naked all the time in the house ......

It's not Daddy's fault you can't control yourself around the house.. but you always know how to make it up for Daddy don't you baby girl..

Sure. I've been working at it since I was only .....

I think maybe Daddy needs to show you what happens to teases who go out with bad boys. Maybe if his daughter knows how it feels having his big, hard **** inside her she'll think twice about wearing those skimpy outfits and going braless.

And why shouldn't Daddy *** inside her? He deserves that much from the girl he's provided for all these years.

You make an interesting point.

Well, if your daddy needs any help holding you still while he administers his punishment, I will grudgingly volunteer. After all, we are only doing it for your own good.

You are just a saint, Bill. So giving and thoughtful!

Daddy will punish you because you deserve it little girl, because he loves you more than you can ever hope to be loved. Naked in the back yard or leaned over your bed before he tucks you in, he will need to punish you and you will learn that it is because he loves you so much...well, maybe he enjoys your shame a little bit too.

Such a perfect Daddy!

Daddy has to do it because he loves you so much baby girl..

So very touching.

There will be lots of touching, Daddy would insist.

I am thinking of you OTK....add me...

sounds like daddy needs to give his lil **** an ******* rimmin :)

Love the story I would spank u so hard

Or would you just be hard when you spanked me?

I am hard right now thinking about spanking you

you cheap worthless *****<br />
<br />
i have seen you touching yourself in your room at all hours of the day too<br />
<br />
whatever are you thinking about? how to degrade yourself with commoners and riffraff?

and if any of my new "uncles" happened to be black, well, that would be OK, too. Super OK, actually!

I'm not black, but I am a well endowed older male with thoughts of you playing out my little girl...of age of course, but naughty enough for daddy to need to punish you in ways that will make you think twice (or three times)

The more the merrier!

Just one neighbor? Awwwww ....

Maybe daddy needs help... and while he's ramming into you on one end, there's a big neighbour end feeding his **** into your mouth... taking turns all over. mmmmm

Heh. Yes, as I thought - the worst punishment would be to go have you stand in the corner with your hands behind your back, while Daddy reads the paper and has a whiskey and grumbles about what a headache naughty girls are.

He should **** his little girl hard in her pooper, really slam it in deep, make her moan and beg for it. Do what every daddy secretly wants to do when he has a teasing flirting daughter. Then after he empties himself into her, he should invite the neighbor men and boys to line up and help in her punishment/

seeing your *** all nice and read, the neighbors watching, daddys getting hard....what do you think daddy should do to take care of his hard **** ****?

my bare perky ***, with my wiggling buns just ACHING to be punished by daddy .... In all the ways a horny daddy can punish his wicked, teasing little girl ....

I agree! You're a very spoiled naughty brat that needs punishing and you also need your upturned bottom spanked over and over to learn to behave!

or I could be punished by not being touched at all. That would drive me crazy!

It would. wouldn't it?

Daddy is a very dedicated parent, devoting that much attention to his wayward little girl!

yes squirt all ove ryour slutty ***.....then i will have all the men and boys line up to **** you in the ***, one by one....use your dirty *** like you want it, then when you are all done, daddy will take you up stairs to the bathroom, wash you up before ******* you over and over again as you are tied to my bed

Quirt me! Quirt all over me!

oh no! Just don't make suck their their ***** or lick their bottoms! That would be tooooo awful!

invite all the men and boys in the neighbor hood to circle around you and have a massive circle jerk dumping loads of *** all over your slutty *** body!!!

how deliciously degrading! Violating my poor bottom while people look at me and make crude comments? Tell me more!

pulling on your nipples clamps, the old man from next door behind you spanking you....he starts to rape your *** while his wife watches from upstairs in her room

Involuntary *******? In front of all the neighbors? Oh, how mean you are to me! YUM!

well if you appear to like it, i will have the neighbors join in in the punishment...

All the neighbors watching! Oh no! What if I .... you know ..... like it?

with all the neighbors watching......applying nipple clamps on your nipples, pulling on them each time you cry out and beg me to stop

ooooooh .... how deliciously awful!

or else daddy will chain your *** up between the two trees in the back yard, naked and whip you, spank you, slap your breasts, you ****, your face til every part of your dirty body is covered in red marks.

Or else, what? ;)

Better mind your Daddy...or else...