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Okay, I realize that there are many, many tickling-related groups on EP. In some of the bondage-and-tickling groups there are references to being placed in stocks and tickled. But being tickled in stocks is a huge subject that deserves a group of its own.

I suspect that everybody who is into tickling has had fantasies of being placed in stocks, or placing a victim in stocks. The complete exposure afforded by this type of bondage, coupled with the impossibility of ever being able to get loose, is a major turn-on.

We have seen the stories about America during the colonial days when various kinds of wrongdoers were punished by being placed in stocks in the town square with their bare feet exposed. What I have read about this practice is that, back in those olden times, it was unheard of for people to expose their bare feet in public, and so to be placed barefooted in public was a humiliating punishment in and of itself. It wasn't necessarily intended that tickling would enter into the situation.

Did the tickling of such poor helpless feet actually occur? Well, you know it did! What tickling fanatic would pass up the chance to tickle-torture some bare feet that were so conveniently placed at his disposal, in a more-or-less socially accepted way? I've had a lot of fantasies about being placed in this situation and having my superticklish feet tickle-tortured by all sorts of twisted people.

What fascinates me so about stocks is that feet can be perfectly immobilized in them, especially if the toes are bound as well as the ankles. Every square millimeter of ticklish flesh along the soles and toes, including under and between the toes, is perfectly exposed, and the ticklee can't do a thing about it. There would be nothing to do but collapse in hysterical agony as sadistic ticklers worked your soles and toes with fingers, brushes, feathers, and everything under the sun!

I posted a stocks-related tickling fantasy in the "Punished by Tickling" group, but I hope that others will use this group as a place to let their imaginations go and write down their fantasies about being tickled while locked in stocks.
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very interesting subject, never realized it would be a fetish, maybe a way to even garner some happiness, thanks smooches

I've been racked and tickled, as a matter if fact I've written if it here. Hey, I believe I've shown you the pictures.

still cant see ;

i tried being tied and tickled naked one time a tickle ghost (tickler friend) is mooooooore horrible than being free hhhhhhhh :)

I could swear that I posted here before. This is a great fantasy that I want to make a real event. I've been on a rack naked, hard and tickled. And you, W, have seen the pictures!

I really love your description of how immobile you can make the feet for tickling. You can really explore your tickle victim's ticklish limits in a sturdy set of stocks.

sounds like fun. would like to attend a tickle convention.

Well to people who go for this sort of thing I'm sure its a kick,<br />
but frankly stocks are something that I'm not the least interested in.<br />
Even though I don't mind being tied up and tickled on occasion for<br />
fun I've never been into the heavier BDSM area of tickle torture.<br />
<br />
I've had dozens of guys e-mail and call wanting to do things like<br />
hang me upside down, poke various items into openings in my<br />
body, ********* between my toes and other bizarre acts but count<br />
me out! There is a line between bubblegum kid stuff to make a <br />
person laugh, pee and maybe climax but I can't get my mind <br />
around why people like the "dark side" of something as cute as<br />
tickling. I wrote about the 2 girls using scrub brushes on the<br />
soles of my feet til I passed out last Saturday. Well that WASN'T<br />
fun for me. It tickled way too bad and I couldn't breathe.<br />
<br />
I've been held or tied down and tickled til I've lost my mind and<br />
peed myself just from getting cuffed to a bed or chair. Wooden<br />
stocks to me are too creepy and would ruin the experience. So<br />
have fun dudes, (just not with me). Stocks are a definite "turn<br />
off" to this barefoot boy!

WELL I had to eat those words of mine! A few weeks after
I wrote about being afraid of stocks some friends got me
drunk and put me into 'em!
I didn't die from it, I just laughed myself insane until I
peed. (Pics in my album "Tickled Silly").

Waynerman - please tell the nice people where they can find those STOCKS in the pic and the TICKLE DEMON who owns them....he he he...