Raped By Elder Cousin

It was late when the lights in the house went out. I was laying on my bed enjoying the quiet summer night when I heard a noise next door. As I looked out I saw my sister --Amber swimming in her pool. Noticing me, she invited me over. I declined telling her I did not have a suit. She replied it still was ok. So, I left my room , jumped over the fence and climbed onto her deck. I mingled in the shadows as I was only wearing a pair of briefs.
She coaxed me into the pool where I tried to swim while keeping my briefs on. Noticing my problem, she swam over to me and told me to just take them off. I rambled on about being naked in a pool when I felt her fingers grab my briefs and pull them down. She eventually freed them from my feet and tossed them onto the deck. As she swam away, I felt a little relieved and sort of uninhibited. Eventually I resumed my swim while maintaining a moderate distance from her. Next, as she climbed out of the pool, she suggested we lay down and rest a bit.

I looked up at her naked body glistening in the moonlight. She was about 25 and well tanned except for her groin area which confirmed to me that she sunned herself topless. She spread her towel on the deck and laid face down on it. Eventually she coaxed me out covering myself as I scurried to the towels. She asked me to dry her with a towel and I studdered ok. As I knelt beside her I grabbed one end of the towel and let the other end cover my ****. As I inspected her naked body, I could fel my **** begin to grow. She looked over at me and said it was OK. I began to dry her at her shoulders. As I continued down her back I noticed her eyes began to close.

When my hand reached the white cheeks of her butt, I paused with anticipation. I could feel my **** was almost erect. She opened her eyes and again told me it was ok as she slowly parted her legs. I grabbed the towel and began to dry her white cheeks. As my hand moved towards her crotch she began to moan with pleasure. I quickly slid my hand down into her crotch and back out. I then finished drying her legs. She then quickly flipped over putting her hands behind her head. I sat back in amasement as my eyes drifted over her naked body. I again looked at her where she smiled and told me to continue. I grabbed the towel and began drying her at her shoulders. I noticed her eyes begin to close.

As my hand drifted over her nipples I noticed her breathing begin to quicken. My hand made another pass over her nipples and I noticed them begin to grow. By now my **** was almost fully erect as I continued to hide it with my towel. My hand drifted down to her belly where I again paused a moment with anticipation. I looked over to her and saw her eyes begin to open. She again told me to continue. As my hand began to drift over her white belly, I noticed her breathing again began to quicken and her legs began to spread.

By now I could see her ***** was completely without any hair. My hand slowly inched it way towards her lips. As I slid my hand and towel between her legs I slowly began to wipe the moisture form her *****. As I withdrew the towel, I let my fingers linger to explore her naked *****. I heard her begin to moan with pleasure as my fingers slid up and down her naked lips. By now my hard **** was peeking for behind the towel, so, I paused to reposition myself between her legs. It was hard to cover my **** with the towel as the moonlight exposed her naked *****. She opened her eyes, looked up at me and again told me to continue. I resumed drying her legs after which she sat up, grabbed my shoulders and pulled me towards her. Our lips met and we kissed while she laid back. As we continued to kiss I felt her hands begin to explore my body.

Eventually one of her hands found my **** dangling in the cool breeze. Her other hand found my aching balls. As she began to massage my balls and stroke my ****, our kiss began to increase with passion exploring her mouth with my tongue. When our kiss had ended she laid her head back gasping for breath and continued to stroke my hard ****. I continued to explore her body with my lips pausing at her nipples where I began to suck them till they were hard. By now her breathing was beginning to quicken so I continued with my exploration.

When my face had reached her *****, I could smell the sweet fragrance of her juices. I opened my eyes and saw the lips of her ***** glistening in the moonlight with her juices. I looked up at her and saw breathing had turned to panting. I lowered my head back down to her lips where I began to kiss and sample her juices with my tongue. I felt her body begin to quiver as my tongue slid up and down her naked lips. Finally, I could stand it no longer and slid my tongue between the lips of her *****. I heard her gasp a short breath and my tongue began to explore the moist folds of her wet *****. Her juices were thick and sweet. She began to moan louder as my tongue slid deeper into her *****. As my tongue slid across her little **** she cried out "Oh Yes", I had found her hidden treasure.

As I continued to lick her little **** I felt it beginning to grow while her body again began to quiver. Finally, as I felt her **** began to harden she again cried out "Oh, Yes". Her body stopped quivering and began to stiffen as my tongue continued to massage growing ****. Her panting became violent and her body stiffened. Again she again cried out "Oh Yes" and her body began to relax. As I moved my head back I could barely see her milky *** begin to flow from her *****. I eagerly moved my face back where I slowly began to consume her fresh juices. As my tongue probed deeper for more juices her body again became more tense. I knew had found the source of her tasty juices. As I slid my tongue deeper into her hole she again screamed in ecstasy. She then sat up, grabbed my head, pulled it towards her and began to lick her juices from my face.

Eventually her lips me mine and we began to kiss. As we kissed, she laid back down pulling me on top of her. Along with our movement, my hard **** found her throbbing ***** and slowly slid inside. We continued our kiss as she moaned with pleasure. Eventually our lips parted as I began to slide my **** in and out of her juicy *****. I could again feel her body begin to quiver as I continued to slide my **** back and forth. As I felt her body begin to stiffen, she again grabbed my head and kissed me passionately. I pushed my **** deep inside her and felt my hot juices begin to flow into her *****. She again began to moan with pleasure as she flet my warm *** flood her throbbing *****. Our lips parted as I slipped off her to my side. She then asked me if I would mind if she would suck my ****. I said no and she positioned her self over me in a sixty-nine position. As I looked up at her wet *****, I could feel our juices dripping onto my face. She then grabbed my **** in her hands and began to sample our juices from my ****. I then buried my face in her ***** where I eagerly began to clean our juices with my tongue.

By now, I could feel my **** getting hard again as she slid it completely into her mouth and began to play with the tip using her tongue. As it continued getting harder I could feel her lips begin to move towards the tip. I felt my **** begin to pulse and then I gave her my best and let my warm juices flow into her mouth. After I was done, she laid back down next to me. I could see my *** at the sides of her mouth. I leaned forward and used my tongue to clean the *** from her lips. She parted her lips and kissed me. As we kissed, I felt my *** flow from her mouth into mine.

We continued our passionate kiss as we embraced each other. Eventually, we fell asleep in each others arms. When we awoke, the sun was slowly rising and I heard a noise coming from my house. It was my dad getting ready to go to work. I jumped up, ran down the deck stairs and jumped back to my bedroom . I slid back into my covers, I looked over to see my sister standing at my back door. She turned towards me, opened her robe and showed me that she was wearing my briefs. She winked at me knowing that I was now fully in her grasp for the future
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May 9, 2012