The Wheel Of Life

I believe we have fundamental souls, and that as life turns we are reborn again and again to learn new lessons and gain new experiences. In this life, I've been born as a man, but I am fairly certain I have been a woman more often than a man in the past, and will be again. Without doubt I have a feminine nature, and I would far rather be female than male, yet I know I have lessons to learn in this body in this life.

So here is to the next life, when I hope I will be as I think my nature to dictates!
PrettyPennyM PrettyPennyM
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Ive heard many near death exspiriences say similar things, that heaven is the place we go only when we understand god, which means we understand love, which was the message jesus himself was telling, and most of the info i read said there exspiriences say hell is verry temporary if you go there at all. Then again i dont know were the truth is

I do not think any of us truly know "the truth" but I think we can discover "a truth" in our own hearts.

Maybe, still i think you were obviously a girl in a past life

Me too!

do some of us really think that life goes round and around ,so to speak.I am a Christian but there is nothing in this doctrine to my understanding that says the afterlife doesn't involve returning.In which case I would dearly love to return as a girl
Does any one notice how,as girls mature as females they quickly discard all ultra fem girly clothes and romp around in jeans and sweaters etc,And discard ribbons and pleats and pony tails for a common fashion (so called) hair do of the moment No girly petticoats or frilly panties Just silly thong/G-strings Its really left to us auber femme sissies to show em the way-- L O L---Paulapetal

Well, how could heaven be heaven if you weren't a girl?

I could nt have put it better P P----A sissified Shakespear could only have done the same
I remember when an auber sissy dress arrived from a well known sissy store She was baby pink and white satin and organza ruffles down the front I remember as I pulled her over my head looking up into the reverse side of the cute organza puff sleeves and the frilly lace neck hole ,thinking O M G this is the portal that leads to heaven-I thank God that he gave me such feelings-And when I eventually do meet St Peter at the pearly gates ,I hope I will be wearing a beautiful baby girl dress- Paulapetal 14

i just love your avatar of what you must be likje in pink frilly dresses i want to be in dresses to all the time yes i sure do! and so much more!

Thank you! I love dressing ultra-feminine, though sadly only now and again.

i feel the very same way and i just know to that i myself have been a girl many moreb times than i have been a boy male i feel oh so much betterb when i am born in a girls body and can be feminine and girly in any time in the past but only the padt for me when girls just knew how to be girls that is what i really do want once again to be all so girlish running and playing giggliong sas only little giries do sharing og=h so girly secrets in the ears all my otyer sisters and girlfreinds swaering cute pretty dresses skirts slips pab=nties and little girly shoes oh yes how iu do so long for this once more i jusr=-t want to be one of the little gilies and forever feminine but why do i have to wait so v ery long to know it once more why can't i just transform rightn now go back and become a real little girly right now tyast would malke me so much more happy at long last i wake up else when and i am a litt;e girly with this past male life all gone and i am just a little giryish onced again oh yes please how i am wating for that moment!