More, More, More...

I'm tired. So, so tired. Tired of hearing everyone's advice. Tired of everyone having all the answers about my life. Tired of being judged. And now...the one person that I could talk to and be myself he knows what I need too.
I need to be more...
more confident...('there's a hesitancy in your voice')
try more...('I don't understand why you haven't done more')
do more...('just do it...what is taking you so long?')
talk more...('why can't you just open up?')
I'm proud of myself. I don't understand why they don't see that. No, my life is not at all what I had 'planned' or hoped... but it's my life. I want to do more and I will...when I'm ready.
I am not weak. I am confident and strong. I lived through an abusive relationship and I'm not afraid to be alone. I survived cancer and I appreciate life.  I'm educated, I have a career, and I can take care of myself.  I would love to be taken care of ...and to share my life with someone... if  that is meant to be it will happen.
Someday, maybe someone will love me and respect me as I am. And then maybe I could give more...of me.
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Hi there,<br />
First dont be so critical of other peoples advice, you asked for it.Secondly be yourself ALL the time<br />
believe me if you are genuinely yourself,you will bring people into your orbit that like you the way you are,no matter what that is. ( that is not advise just words of Wisdom)<br />
Greetings from Hierman

Oh, at first I thought this was a Blazing Saddles reference, and then I realized, no, it was not.

I can so relate. It frustrates me so much when some think that if it is not their way then it must be the wrong way.

You sound lovely to me. :) Be yourself and be happy!

You will, you get! Carry on!~