Why Is Our Society So Narrow Minded

I want my family and peers to respect me for who I am, I wish that I could be me around them. It's too bad people are narrow minded. I wish my family would allow me paint my nails black (even though I do it anyway), work at my own pace and not theirs, wear what I want to wear, that includes clothing that society says is only for woman (only skirts and boots). And I also wish they would allow me to dye my hair and occasionally wear eyeliner. I know I'm weird, but trust me, there is so much weirder stuff out there. I just wish people could get the **** over themselves and make life easier for us "weirdos".
exodusattack exodusattack
18-21, F
2 Responses Feb 5, 2012

If it makes you feel better, men in skirts are hot. *nods*

You just want to be an individual,nothing wrong with that !