Right Or Wrong!

This is the letter he wrote to me on our wedding day. It is the most beautiful letter I ever recieved.


My dearest,

our wedding was small and we used a ring you already had. seems not like a wedding at all. but I would guess that the vows are what's important. so there are a few things that weren't said that I want you to know.

though we have caused each other alot of pain and heartache, I will strive to never bring any of that into our marriage. I truly wish they had never happened. I am so deeply sorry for all I have caused.

I have loved you for a long time and never showed you. I intend to let you know just how much in love with you I am everyday.

I will honor and cherish you, I will respect and hold you, I will protect and keep you safe until I die.

I find it hard to believe the way you are now but I have no guard up. I am completely enjoying being your man. I love how you love me. You really allowed me to uncover all that I had hidden away for so long.

Right or wrong, I will always have your back. I will live everyday trying to keep making you happy. All you need to do is believe in me and we can conquer anything. Please know that I have our best interest in mind.

I also promise to never cheat on you ever. You are more than I could ever want or desire.

I also want you to know that I will always be truthful and sincere with you.

Baby, you are the one I have and will always want. You're such a precious and beautiful gift and I intend to let you know how much you truly mean to me everyday.

Thank you for being my wife,
I will enjoy being your husband.

I love you deeply
your man

He said RIGHT OR WRONG HE WILL ALWAYS HAVE MY BACK! He lied. I refuse to live without the support and respect of my husband! This has been an issue since Christmas! I refuse to have a husband who doesn't respect or support me! If he had followed through on ANY of the things he wrote me here, our relationship wouldn't be over right now. I didn't ask him to make these promises to me, but he did and I expected him to keep them. He hasn't kept even one! I can't show him respect if he isn't going to respect me! Here I thought I was going to have an awesome marriage, but it has become a nightmare! I asked him to leave if he couldn't support and respect his wife. He moved out last night telling me it was my lack of respect. Sorry he sees it that way. He cheated on me about a year ago. I have never cheated on him or not been supportive. But I can't live without those things in my life.  He says that I never tell anyone anything I have done to deserve being treated this way. Yes, I react to the way I'm being treated and sometimes I am wrong! I am willing to admit that, but he is never wrong. According to him I do these things to him and that is why he treats me this way! I have lied to him and told him I was seeing someone because he really was! I was just trying to make him jealous! He really was doing it! I have had enough of his justifications. If he can't respect and support me I'm done period!
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Just wondering... Do you think that its impossible for someone to actually have these feelings and stay with those feelings even after they cheated before? I am somewhat in this situation right now and I really think I am a different person and will not cheat again as long as I am in the right situation. It appears you have really strong feelings on this, so I just thought I would get your point of view. Thanks.

I think each situation is different. I am still with my husband, but it has been a rough road. I really think being with the right person will keep you from straying because when you are in love you don't want anyone else. The question is when things get tough are you still going to love that person enough not to cheat?

Thanks. Yes, being with the right person is the key. I believe the answer to your question is yes. But I definitely changed during my 20 year marriage, and I am sure I will change in the next 20 years as well. I think I will do a better job of communication with my partner so that the change will be comfortable instead of confrontational. But, who knows... Ha

Thanks again!

Writing is so important when one is working things out. "You go girl".

The letter really is beautiful. However, the realist in me was screaming .. BULLSHIT ...whilst reading it. <br />
<br />
I hope you can resolve your unhappy situation soon. Xx