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Men usally hear this from women a lot. We under stand the respect thing. And that makes good sense. But the accept me as I am thing? #1who are you and do you know who you are? #2 are you honest in the way you present yourself to others? SO they can have a true idea as to who you are? #3 Why do most women think they are not accepted as theirself?
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1 Response May 16, 2012

Women say they want to be accepted as they are because they think they won't be. I would guess that is because they think they do not, in one way or another, measure up to what is considered 'desirable'; thin body, big boobs, etc. It's as if they are not somehow, good enough. This is something that is drummed into your brain from the very first time someone comments on your looks. Saying we want to be accepted 'as we are' means we want to be what you really desire and not made to feel as though we are somehow, a consolation prize, til the better thing comes along.