Respected And Loved, At The Same Time And By The Same Person

Some people may respect you, some may love you. But only someone with a really big heart can do both at the same time.
Respect without love, is just friendship. Love without respect, is just infatuation.
If I can find someone who respects and loves me for who I am, I wouldn't care about anything else.
kady4e kady4e
22-25, F
2 Responses May 19, 2012

That is a deep post right there on so many levels. I think we will find the respect/love when the right time comes. Im personally staying positive about finding the right girl for me it will happen have self belief.

I believe you, wish I could fine that too. I sometimes wonder if I should be someone else just to respected and loved.

no, i don't think so. i understand what you say but to be able to say ''he/she truly loves me'' that person has to love us for what we are, with all our faults and mistakes. ;)

I sometimes feel that is nothing but a lost dream I have even though I really want it to be true.

This is so true and so touching that when I read it, it brought tears to my eyes....people sould be able to accept each other for their hears, minds, souls and even their bodies. Even if that body does not refelct the gender you corespond to in your soul. Respect is something we all deserve and love is a blessing from God...When and If you can find it. Huge hugs to you for sharing your words and thoughs with us. So certainly tuged at my heart strings...:)))