I Want to Be Loved For the Person I Am

Ilike most people want to be loved and accepted for the person that i am  we all have flaws no one is perfect and i know i have areas to work on and i am doing that right now and my ocd is my biggest negitive i am trying to overcome and it is work i am doing the best i can. MY OCD is just one aspect of me there are so many other good aspects i have .I am a kind loving caring person  with a big heart, when i see people in trouble in some way i try to help them.I love having fun i enjoy having a few beers after work or the weekend I ENJOY dancing going to the beach  going to a yankees game I love watching baseball and football.I LOVE LISTENING to classic rock especially the beatles.I have always been romantic and love to cuddle and hold and to kiss.   I am alone right now and i hate going home after work to, an empty house without a women waiting for me to come home,that is the main reason i stop at the bar after work. MY other negitive is my age i now am 55 though i don,t feel it I understand most women want younger men  but i can only be myself  a women would have to accept me for me        cattlemoose

mycuzinvinni mycuzinvinni
46-50, M
Feb 24, 2009