I don't understand why my husband has to be so mean to me.

This erupted from him asking me a question. We are moving. Working on packing this morning. He asked where I wanted things. Doesn't say which house. Yes he's very particular (to the point of chewing me out) over where I put boxes when we move. I tell him I'm not sure what he's asking. Without changing a word he asked the question again. I still don't know because he hasn't explained anything further. He starts yelling at me. This isn't the first time we've had an argument begin this way. He sucks at communicating then blames me for it.

I just want to cry. I stood up for myself. I demanded an apology. He got more angry and threw everything in his hands "in the air" which all came in my direction somehow. Luckily the knife didn't get close, but the labels did hit me on the head. But he wasn't throwing them at me and he doesn't have angry problems, so he says.

Now I'm too upset to eat. I just want to cry but I'm not allowed to do that. Another of his rules. I feel awful and he pretends everything is fine. Now I'm the bad person for having hurt feelings

Oh wait I'm always the bad one.
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I have one of those....he's a man child. Mines a insecure bipolar middle school boy that likes to drink too much :-/