My husband has lied and cheated for 2 years. I'm filing for divorce but it still hurts. I hate to see his internet flirtatious with the new girl friend ( a fitness model /bikini competitor no less) we had 11 years and 3 kids and I hate to be disrespected so.
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You have made the right decision and you should be proud of your self! :-)

That's rough, I'm sorry to hear it. Hope you find what you're looking for! :)

Karma karma. She hates to see it too.

Sorry you are going thru that, as for the new girlfriend until he see her in person she could be anybody ( a big 450 lbs no teeth female or a guy)

Lol. She's real. He's spent time with her and she's a published fitness model. ( he works for a sport nutrition company and it's in his line of work to be surrounded by fitness models. ) but it shows her lack of character to be involved with a married man with children

Lack of character and morals, it could be she is using him too get more assignments from his company, take him to the cleaners get every nickel and dime out of him

It could be. It matters little. He will one day regret breaking his family....

Yes he will, more than he will every know. In time you will find that person who will respect you and y'all vows, He will see that his children will grow up and be distanced toward him

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