I Am Woman, Hear Me Roar, Lol....

I am woman, hear me roar, lol. And I drive an 18-wheeler. It doesn't make me any less of a good mother. That is what I want people to understand about me. I'm not out there driving because its fun (really, it is very hard work.) I am out there to support my family. I am tired of people telling me that I need to go home and be a mother for a change. I am taking care of my children the only way that I know how and I think that deserves respect.
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Your a good mom and doing what you have to do, the reason that there are a lot of single mom's having to work is because a good portion of boy's never became a real man,

We are all in the same boat there... lol Although I'm not working at the moment, I have a really positive feeling that I landed a job that I've been trying to get since June!!! I'm so excited - they keep calling me - and it's all a matter of timing.

People used to tell me that I should be at home with my daughter too - until one day, I was standing in a line at the grocery store and the lady behind me and I were chatting small talk. We didn't even know each other, but being the blabbermouth that I am, I will talk to anyone usually! LOL

I mentioned that I was on my day off and my daughter and I (daughter was a year old at the time and I was a single mom) were getting our weekly groceries, diapers, etc.

She asked me what I did for a living - and when I told her I was holding down 4 jobs at that time, her jaw hit the floor.

She then went on to tell me that I should be at home with my daughter and not working. She said that was the problem with society today that mothers shouldn't work - so I asked her, how am I supposed to feed my daughter? Welfare?? Then society would complain about the taxes they pay because all the single moms would be on welfare.

She didn't respond but just glared at me. When the cashier told me the amount of my groceries, I simply looked at the woman I had been chatting with, looked back at the cashier, and said, "She's paying......" and smiled.

Well, the look and comment I got from her were priceless! "What do you mean I'm paying? I'm not paying for your groceries!!"

"Well, look at it this way mam, if I don't work, SOMEBODY'S got to pay for them!" She left the lineup in a huff!!!!

Those people giving you crap are so fifty years ago...

Yeah, you are doing what is the only available right thing to do :)

Just ignore those other people that tells you to change!